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How to Repair Your Drywall

Repairing damaged drywall is fairly simple if you respond to the need as soon as you notice trouble.  Fast response to the repair need may even deplete the need to hire someone to come to the home for the work. If you’d like to attempt to make your own drywall repair arvada, first gather the supplies that you will need.

·    Fast-Dry Spackle

drywall repair arvada

·    Drywall Tape

·    Drill

·    Utility Knife

·    Drywall Saw

·    Making Tape

·    Construction Adhesive

·    Work gloves

·    Goggles

·    Dust Mask

Once the supplies are ready to go, use the utility knife to scrape loose debris off the hole. Cover the hole with fast-drying spackle to level. Allow the spackle 24-hours to dry.  Cover any screw heads or nails with spackle once they’re tightly in place and allow another 24 hours for the material to dry.

If patching a small hole, use a patch kit. Follow the instructions included with the patch kit to properly make the installation. Just place the self-adhesive mesh over the hole. Use the drywall knife to cove the patch with a joint compound. Apply using a crisscross pattern so that it properly blends with the wall.  Allow time to dry and apply a second coating of compound if it’s needed. Sand the area with the saw to smoothen.

If repairing a larger hole, cut a 2″ square drywall piece. Score the back of the drywall leaving one inch on either side.  Remove the gypsum.  Hold the patch over the hole and cut out enough drywall.  Apply joint compound to the back of the paper. Fit the gypsum into the hole and press on the edges that need to stick in place. Allow time to dry and sand the area.

If you prefer, you can always hire a professional to handle your drywall repair needs.

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